Highlights of the Cruise to Berri and the Canally Tow

        P.S. OSCAR W coming in for a river bank mooring at Morgan

Oscar is about depart at sunrise on March 4th. enroute to Morgan and Berri.


At the wharf in Mannum—note the height of the 1956 flood on the marker, -  above Oscar’s  roof line.


The Oscar crew and the Cadell Primary School children , after the sports day.


First Mate Don and Fireman John, make a good turn of speed in the three legged race.


A crane lifts the Canally’s rudder from the deck of the Oscar, to swing it across to the Canally.


The rudder is fitted to Canally


Oscar moves slowly by Canally, preparing to pick up the tow rope.


Oscar with Canally under tow, leaves the wharf for Berri.


The boats passing  the river side park at Cadell.


 Canally coming through a lock.


From the rear deck of the Oscar.


Note the towing cable from the towing mast above Oscar’s wheel house, down to the Canally.


Phil Reed, (right) President of the Friends of the PS Canally, presents a Certificate of Appreciation to
The Friends of the Oscar W, represented by President Graham Pratt.


An evening dinner on the wharf—another miracle from the Oscar’s tiny galley.


Young crew member Luke Humphrey’s, on work experience from school, gets the feel of the wheel on Oscar. Luke is 14 and  impressed the crew with his willingness to work hard and learn all he could. He joined to travel from Morgan to Waikerie, and enjoyed it so much he went through to Berri, then back all the way to Goolwa.   (You can read his account of the trip in the April Newsletter).


Passengers on the front deck on one of the town to town legs of the cruise.


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